Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome to the Show. . .

I've started this whole thing because I'm still vain enough to think I've got something to say.

Of course, I will need to give the people something nice to look at, a background say of breathtaking ocean shots or mountain landscapes, or perhaps some flash animations with trumpets and a magestic Wagnerian chorus to announce my presence on your screen. Otherwise, folk might think I'm just some cutting and pasting twerp, and we certainly can't have that!

It would behoove me to put up photograph of myself, as I intend to identify fully with everything I say, but I'll have to shave first.

Perhaps it would help to file these irrepressible mediations on existence into topical compartments: say, breaking news in one section, music/cinema in another, and keep personal baggage entirely seperate. But that would mean maintaining three different blogs (at least).

And life doesn't quite work like that. Topics bleed into each other, streams of thought merge into and branch off each other, and no one thing is so completely unrelated to something else that they can't wind up in the same paragraph. That might be a thought experiment we can try another day; the point is, I'll be throwing everything into the same pot. I also believe that tragedy and comedy are never so seperate as is often thought, and that laughter and tears are never really complete without each other. For me, that hasn't been  a guiding principle so much as an observable fact.

I could hope for a better prologue, but if I spent too long on that, we'd never get into the first act. Better to charge into these things and let the main body speak for itself. Up with the curtain and on with the show!

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