Monday, June 19, 2017

I so wanted to write about Doctor Who. . .

But then I woke up to this:

London attack: man, 47, arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

and then this:

Muslim girl, 17, killed on way home from Virginia mosque"

and, finally, this, advertised on Facebook:

I think I'm going to be sick. . .

Naturally, a great many couldn't see, (or refused to see) any connection between the two; singling out minority religions for special attention apparently being a harmless exercise. The supporters of the patch, who outnumbered its opponents, displayed a depressing dis-ingenuity, comparing it with the Bad Religion logo:

(While, interestingly enough, never quoting nor seeking the band's opinion on the matter).

Does the difference really need to be spelled out? Do they really not see that a punk band railing against their own society is not the same thing as braying against a minority culture? That singling out minority groups for special attention is NOT the same thing as critiquing your own society, and never ever EVER ends well?

Nor am I convinced by the "all religion is bad so what's your problem?" mantra spat out by the apologists. Call it a hunch, but I suspect those patches will be less favoured by the anti-theist philosophers of the Sam Harris variety than the cowardly thugs who beat  Nabra Hassanen to death.

Most depressingly of all is we've seen it all before. And we've apparently learned nothing.

I so wanted to write about Doctor Who. . . .

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